Elevator Frames

Custom-made elevator framework for example RST- steel, HST, glass frames and freight elevators


The finishing of the elevator interior is always executed by customer’s individual needs. We take into consideration the style, architecture, use and lighting of the building and elevator. The basic materials can be upgraded by digital printing, colour- and patterned medals and coloured glasses. We combine different materials such as wood and glass or medal and wood seamlessly together into a coherent and stylish end product.

Elevator doors, walls and doorjambs

Custom- measured, designed and manufactured doors with automatic, double and hinged doors. Doorjambs and cleats by design from RST, HST, wood veneer, digital print and painted steel.

Elevator door finishing and repair

Customer’s chosen materials and custom measured implementation with installation. We also remove and install windows and complete the interior with surface finishing such as laminate and paint.

Elevator shafts

Steel framed elevator shafts with interior walls with stainless steel, glass or wire netting. We also execute partition walls and beam work with CE- quality standard.

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